Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mountaining Bike Weekend

Wow, what a great time I had this weekend!!

The weather here was just stunning after a cold front blew threw. Lori and I decided to take the bikes out for a spin.

Our first day was at Indian something Trail outside of Sedalia. We were VERY surprised at snow we found still there. Lori had camped here in the Spring so she had an idea of where we were going. Her dog Lucy was also there enjoying the snow. The trails were well marked and just easy and fun to ride. Lori is a new rider on a new bike so we are trying to get her skill level up with out killing her.

The are is total single track with an section set aside for horses. They have these cute little corrals to put the horses in while you camp.

Not much to tell on the ride, just some fun pictures of our day.

Of course we had the mandatory deer butts.

Sunday was at Roxenborough State Park. It's kind of weird in that people have houses in the park and around the park. They have banned many of the trails of anything but feet. No dogs, bicycles, cars, nothing. And it is such a contrast from the day before. This area reminds me of Garden of the Gods in the Springs.

The house are much newer than this one. After a bit we came upon an area that looked liek the locals had set up little areas to have fires and just hang out. These are some cat carvings that were attached to the rocks.

And lastly, here is Lori checking out a small trail.

And now info on my new job. I started working at the warehouse 2 weeks ago. The first week was doing all functions of the warehouse to have an overall idea of how things worked. I was then offered a position as the Special Order / Ebay sales person. Yep that is right, I now spend my time shopping for winter ski wear, golf stuff on the Internet for clients and selling old product from our stores!! It's a newer position that we are hoping will bring another level of customer service to our clients and allow us to unload old inventory. So far I am crazy busy having a great time with weekends off and great hours of 7-3:30!!

My legs feel much better with my desk job. I decided to get off all the drugs to see how I feel. So I stopped the Ambien, Vicodin and my tasty wine. It's been a month and I feel so much more mentally aware!!! I think there was too much stuff in my system even though I took small quantities. I am taking Aspirin for the pain. So far so good but I have had some mind blowing knee pain that I have had to sit out til it passed.


Friday, October 3, 2008

A Beautiful Friday

I could not resist sharing the gorgeous day I had. Lori recommended a trail she knew of from camping on the Grant side of Guanella Pass. I drove over the pass, found the trail and oh my was she right!!

It was a steady 6 mile climb, climbing 2,000 feet in the first 2.5 miles. It was more of a jeep road than anything else, but after 4.5 miles a hiking/biking trail emerged.

I did cross 3 streams, trying desperately not to get wet. I ran into these shelters along the way. First thought SNOW SHOEING and winter camping.

Back at the new trailhead I was immediately stopped by a large pool of water that I had to walk a log to get around. The trail was mostly rocky (baby heads), but very rideable. I actually walked abit just so I could look around at the beauty. The temp up my trail was 50 degrees, there was a storm in the distance but it stayed clear.

After my fantastic ride up I stopped for a well deserved Snickers bar. I had a great descent only to arrive at my truck and realized I had left my car key hanging safely in the door key hole where I would not lock it inside. Oh well......

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Summer Condensed

Camille texted to remind me this is suppose to be updated from time to time. This is my super condensed summer activities.

We will start with the purchase of my scooter. The Seca 600 was older and the weight just a bit too much for my legs, so I purchased a newer and smaller Ninja 500. This maybe smaller but oh my it is so much fun. I ride it to work alot and it really saves on gas. The purple was alittle much at first but now I really like it.

As usual my summer has been spent with as much camping, cycling and scootering as possible. I met up with some new friends and did a much more friendly version of RV camping in established parks. While this was fun, I like the more of the grid stuff. One of the girls, Lori, has an ATV ad we were able to spend some time on it playing.

This was a lake we made our way to after meeting a couple of guys and their kids on the trails. It was a seriously aggressive get to outside of Mt Princeton Hot Springs up Grizzly Gulch. We stayed in the area a week enjoying the local hot spa and ATV trails.

I did some hiking around Squaw Pass, this shows how dogs can find a way to cool of and totally trash my car.

This weekend I was up at Susan's property with CJ and Luna. The trees are changing and it was gorgeous!!! These photos were up around Alma.


I still won't take the time to straighten out where all these pictures should land!!

Okay now for the non-hiking stuff. Work has gone very well for me. I captained the Boulder Whse Sale and we did very well. It was the last event for me as it totally trashed my knees. I decided then it was time to get off the sales floor and back into an office or at least back into the warehousing world I lived in.

I submitted my resume for a couple of positions at SSV, one in Loss Prevention the other at the Distribution Center. Both offered me jobs but due to working shows as security, I chose the warehouse position. I will be leaving the retail world on 21 October and begin my new position in Warranty. My new bosses plan is to get me in there and see where I will best fit with my background being so strong and working it out from there.

I am very excited about this opportunity!!!! I will also return to semi-normalcy by working through out the week and being off on weekends. This will also help my chances of having these broken knees replaced.

My overall health continues to improve, I have been cycling quite a bit but just can't get the recreational rider habits down! I go too hard, trash my knees and have to wait for the pain to diminish enough to start all over again. You'd think I'd learn by now.

So Camille, here it is!

Friday, April 11, 2008

NCAA Women's Final Four

Here tis, the WF4!! What a great time we did have. We won the tickets thru a lottery that is held after the finals. Jane put in for 4 in April and was notified in August that she had 4.

Jane graciously shared with her friends and Jan, Renee and myself tagged along for the fun. Guess I should line us up, Jane, Jan (friend not at game), Jan, Renee and meeee.

Our first game was Sunday night, the tickets bought us the semi-finals (Tenn vs LSU and Stanford vs U Conn). The Stanford game was great, Stanford won easily. The Tenn/LSU game was possibly one of the worst games I have ever witnessed!!

Neither team came out to play or so it seems, both defenses were terrible and the shooting was non-existant. I am a HUGE Pat Summit fan but was thinking Stanford would blow them away if Tenn played the same way at the Finals.

In the mean time we did what little there is to do in Tampa, we drank, ate and visited their aquarium. For being on the water it was pretty small, the fishes were cute and there were several interesting birds walking about.

The finals fell on Tuesday night, we started out at a local bar for a few beers before the game.

The town was full of Tenn or Stanford fans so we had some fun at the bar with other people visiting.

Stanford was favored to win, but at tip off Tenn stomped onto the court and proved why they are No. 1.

Stanford never had a chance to catch their breath, Tenn was on them from the first second til the last 30 seconds!! Pat and crew put together an outstanding defense program and left Stanford flat footed and spinning looking for the ball. I felt sorry for Stanford, they were so totally creamed.

Thus ended our adventure, we flew back Wed am in very bumping winds.

For any L Word fans, "Adele" was at a club we visited on Monday night, this is myself and Renee.

Candace Parker, the game, Pat Summit, more beer, the game

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back to Guanella

Okay, so I go to Georgetown alot. Flatmate Jane joined me again for

the fun in the snow. We knew we would have some snow and maybe wind so we planned our
hike accordingly.
Upon arriving we found others at our trailhead so we headed up to the road closing berm to hike up to Bierstadt trailhead.
The hike up was great, we met a guy coming down who had tried to summit Bierstadt but was driven back by 40-50 mph winds. We decided to head on up, still thinking we had a window before the worst of the storm hit. Well, we were wrong. It was as bad as when I was there before. We headed up the Rosalie trail until we could no longer see where we were going. Plus we were hiking into a brisk wind coming over the ridge causing limited visibility.

After stomping around abit we headed to Georgetown for the symbolic after-the-shoe-beer. Then there was the must do shopping and fudge buying for Kathleen (Jane's GF).

My snowshoeing will be coming to a close soon. March is a very busy month for me at Bicycle Vilalge, we sponsor 3 huge tent sales in 3 lcoation throughout the month that I or my staff will be involved in.

Coming and the Stumpie ride again.!! Also Trek has very graciously offered bikes to the managers of the BV's. I chose a road bike which should arrive next week, this will make this summers riding fun as I have yet to ride carbon long term.

Jane and Me at play

Jane and I have the same obsession for snowshoeing. I have introduced her to my favorite spot (Guanella Pass) and this was a great day for snow for us.

This is a side trail running below Waldorf Mine Rd. Others had been before us and laid out a wonderful trail.

As we got further along the trail became less travelled and the snow was getting deeper.

We hit the end of the trail and had to decide what to do, either go back or head straight up and try to access the road above us. Up looked more fun and we began a massive up hill assault on the snow. Mostly it was about knee high, but as we climbed closer to the road it became deeper from the wind pushing it off the road.

Per my GPS, we travelled .02 miles in 40 minutes!!! Jane, with
the better legs, climbed on her stomach over the last several
yards to make way for me and the dogs.

I tried to film this, but was laughing so hard at her "swimming" up the hill I screwed it up and have several 1 second clips.

After the berm, I continued up abit while Jane took a much needed rest.

The pictures show the trail we blazed, the berm and CJ the snow dog who spent most of his time on the assault stuck between my
legs. He and Luna (Jane's dog) we suppose to be the trail breakers
but the snow proved to deep for them to go forward in.

We are off to Guanella again next week for more fun and frolicing.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Updates and more Snowshoeing

I was up at Guanella Pass again today and had the most absolute fun. We have had quite a bit of snow the last week so I thought I would head up and see what the upper levels were like. I was hoping to do the Silver Lake Trail since CJ was with me.

The drive up was crazy, the pass is closed 8.2 miles outside of Georgetown. If you rememer Excel has a plant up there that 4 guys were killed in a pipe fire a few months ago. The road was graded about 5 miles, the rest was untouched except for a couple of snowmoblies. I had yet to break snow with Susan's monster truck so this was a great opportunity

I suppose it was somewhat uneventful but the possiblity of getting stuck was what made it fun. I found the TH but no one had been up yet to break trail. The sled guys did run ahead and make a mess but I decided to head up to the TH to Bierstadt Mountain instead.

As you can probably see the winds were rather crazy. Bierstadt is the one on the right, Sawtooth is on the left. I hope to summit Bierstadt this winter, I have to plan well as the wind will knock me down pretty easily. CJ and I had a blast though he lost a bootie I will try and recover in the spring.

I received my promotion at work on Monday. I am now the Ops Mgr of the Westie location!!!! I am very excited with the opportunities this will offer me. I will work more hours, but however you look at it, it is still just a bike shop.

Susan has taken a position with a Fidelity off shoot as their controller. It has to do with parts of pre-manufactured housing , like trusses and such. We are not sure what this will lead to but she is excited to be back in the corporate world. She will
travel quite a bit at first, meeting the different branches and trying to put all the different pieces
together for a fluid distribution system.

Due to the crazy schedule she will have as of the 18th, she and our friend Julie headed off to Hawaii where Julie has friends for a week of relaxation and flying.

Me, I can do without the beaches and am very content to stay in my snow!!

That's all for now, a note about my health, the pre-menopause stuff has ended. The numbness is leaving and my stamina is returning. I wish my legs felt better but I do have an appt with a ortho in 2 weeks to find out the extent of the damage. I continue to ride my motorcycle to work, the lowest temp I can stand is 23 degrees. Denver is using magnesium chloride to melt snow and that mess gets all over me, my helmet and my bike. While it's not too slippery, I make very square turns to keep myself as upright as possible.