Sunday, September 9, 2007

Welcome to my Colorado

Thanks to Camille I will add and try to keep up with this blog. My current obsession is with the old mines in the area. Most are sealed or have collapsed and, of course, all are dangerous.

I have also decided to ride my mountain bike up as many gravel passes as I can. Last week I managed Mosquito Pass, the highest driveable pass at 13, 185 ft. I will also be testing my GPS as it said I was at 13, 219.


Camille said...

OK. Do you ride by the hole, go in the hole, go down the hole? Get to keep any precious metals you find? Details girl, details.

Suzanne said...

I certainly wish it was more exciting than the truth. Perhaps I should mention a bear or someting. The hole was a "test" for ore. They blew out about 10 ft, found nothing and left it as pictured.