Thursday, October 11, 2007

ATVing Trip

Gumby (Susan) and I joined the great American pass time this weekend by taking the ATV out to established trails and zooming around them. It was a very unique experience as we had not done this on ATV trails before. It is a very manly sport as the only other woman on an ATV we saw was on the back of her "man's"
machine. It is also very common the carry weapons, stop along the way and start shooting off into the woods!! While the shooting did not alarm us (we too were armed), the lack of targets or any structure to stop the bullets was very scary. So this is Yankee Hill outside Central City, the wind was up a bit but it was a beautiful day.

I guess I should use this blog as a general letter format as Camille does, it will help keep everyone up to date. My health will be the first subject and it continues to fill my time. The chemo side effects continue to bother me. It is mainly a constant numbness in my hands and feet. I am cold sensitive because of this and I drop things a lot. I also can't buy shoes as I cannot tell if my feet are in them properly!! A new nasty side effect has come on me. While there is no medical evidence to support it, many women have suffered from arthritis or swollen joints from the chemo. As for me it moved up the pain in my knees and Osteoarthritis can now be seen on my x-rays. It came on severely about 3 -4 months ago when I was unable to walk with out a cane due to pain. I am now on Vicodin administered as needed as a pain management program. I am trying to get into an ortho in Dec to review my knee options to include the replacing of them. I am really bummed about this new turn of events, the pain is pretty amazing. But, not to worry, I am still biking like a mad woman, I have taken up swimming again and am trying to learn to be a canyon runner on my motorcycle. My work at the shop is great, I am trying to get into management with this company. I think it will make a great new career choice for me. I am also starting my indoor training program in Nov where I will be coaching people thru the winter on their bikes.

Oh and there is Susan, she is doing great. She and the CEO of Blue Sun had a major falling out regarding the financial reality of the future he had chosen and he preferred they part ways. She is back to being a consultant working with previous and new clients She is also flying quite a bit as the weather here is perfect right now. She is my motorcycle coach as she is one of the best riders I have ever seen.

That is it for now, GO ROCKIES !!!

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Camille said...

What a life you lead!! Sorry to hear about your knees, though. Arthritis pain is not for the weak. Neither are knee replacements. Word to the wise--do them both at the same time. Everyone says that if they did them one at a time, they would only ever do one. You are an inspiration. Love ya!!