Monday, October 29, 2007


Okay, I pulled the cancer card. Turns out the Rockies were the wild card picks for the playoffs. Even though I did not watch much during the season, attending 2 games and watching only a couple. Once they hit the playoffs I was hooked. As they went 20-21 wins I began to realize they might make it to the World Series !! And they did....

So the mother ship I work for, SSV, has a couple of different season tickets spots. A contest was offered titled, "Why I Deserve Rockies Tickets". I emailed in the sales I have accomplished, the winning of Top Dog at a sales event, my candidacy for Specialized Bike Fit School and my indoor training classes. Then I threw in the C card and they bought it !!!!

Off Susan and I went for a once in a life time opportunity to see the World Series in Denver!! Susan's sister Janet and her great crew at work made our sign, that brought alot of cheers from the fellow Rockies fans. Let me tell you it was the most exciting event I have ever attended. No one really expected the Rockies to win, but it was great energy and fun for the crowd to get into. We had a blast, I don't know that this opportunity will ever present itself again !!!

So for now, GO ROCKIES 2008 !!!

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