Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Holidays-Christmas

SNOW !!!!! I just love the white fluffy stuff and we have had our share of it. I worked Christmas Eve sending out the last of the layaway gift bikes. I arrived home to meet Susan heading for Pueblo to stay with her parents. The plan was for me to come down Christmas morning with our friend Julie whose parents are in AZ. I stayed the eve alone then called Julie only to find she was waiting for Susan to "firm up" and when no info came she made other plans. To make the situation more crazy was the 6-13 inches of snow that was dumping on Denver. My little car does not do snow and I had hoped to take Julie's SUV. As you have probably guessed, I spent Christmas here on the couch with egg nog. I had several offers from friends to come to their homes but I found the couch and the quiet kind of nice. It was a great day, I really enjoyed myself and Susan was able to spend time with her family. I hope everyone received their fudge this year.

Unfortunately I have no Christmas pictures, but here we are snowshoeing near Squaw Pass. It was about 20 degrees and beautiful. CJ was trying out his new snow mitts and they worked great.

I have been interviewed for the Ops Mgr at my work. I think the interview went well and should know in a couple of days. I have been hoping to start a new career and this company has many of the requirements I desire. My indoor cycling classes are going great, I have several clients attending each one and getting much stronger. I am off to Morganville, CA in Feb to attend a bike fit school. I do fits now but this will give me more certs to generate business.

I am looking forward to 2008 and all the joys and challenges it may bring. For now, I will snowshoe like a crazy person, enjoying every flake of snow.

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