Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Updates and more Snowshoeing

I was up at Guanella Pass again today and had the most absolute fun. We have had quite a bit of snow the last week so I thought I would head up and see what the upper levels were like. I was hoping to do the Silver Lake Trail since CJ was with me.

The drive up was crazy, the pass is closed 8.2 miles outside of Georgetown. If you rememer Excel has a plant up there that 4 guys were killed in a pipe fire a few months ago. The road was graded about 5 miles, the rest was untouched except for a couple of snowmoblies. I had yet to break snow with Susan's monster truck so this was a great opportunity

I suppose it was somewhat uneventful but the possiblity of getting stuck was what made it fun. I found the TH but no one had been up yet to break trail. The sled guys did run ahead and make a mess but I decided to head up to the TH to Bierstadt Mountain instead.

As you can probably see the winds were rather crazy. Bierstadt is the one on the right, Sawtooth is on the left. I hope to summit Bierstadt this winter, I have to plan well as the wind will knock me down pretty easily. CJ and I had a blast though he lost a bootie I will try and recover in the spring.

I received my promotion at work on Monday. I am now the Ops Mgr of the Westie location!!!! I am very excited with the opportunities this will offer me. I will work more hours, but however you look at it, it is still just a bike shop.

Susan has taken a position with a Fidelity off shoot as their controller. It has to do with parts of pre-manufactured housing , like trusses and such. We are not sure what this will lead to but she is excited to be back in the corporate world. She will
travel quite a bit at first, meeting the different branches and trying to put all the different pieces
together for a fluid distribution system.

Due to the crazy schedule she will have as of the 18th, she and our friend Julie headed off to Hawaii where Julie has friends for a week of relaxation and flying.

Me, I can do without the beaches and am very content to stay in my snow!!

That's all for now, a note about my health, the pre-menopause stuff has ended. The numbness is leaving and my stamina is returning. I wish my legs felt better but I do have an appt with a ortho in 2 weeks to find out the extent of the damage. I continue to ride my motorcycle to work, the lowest temp I can stand is 23 degrees. Denver is using magnesium chloride to melt snow and that mess gets all over me, my helmet and my bike. While it's not too slippery, I make very square turns to keep myself as upright as possible.

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