Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mountaining Bike Weekend

Wow, what a great time I had this weekend!!

The weather here was just stunning after a cold front blew threw. Lori and I decided to take the bikes out for a spin.

Our first day was at Indian something Trail outside of Sedalia. We were VERY surprised at snow we found still there. Lori had camped here in the Spring so she had an idea of where we were going. Her dog Lucy was also there enjoying the snow. The trails were well marked and just easy and fun to ride. Lori is a new rider on a new bike so we are trying to get her skill level up with out killing her.

The are is total single track with an section set aside for horses. They have these cute little corrals to put the horses in while you camp.

Not much to tell on the ride, just some fun pictures of our day.

Of course we had the mandatory deer butts.

Sunday was at Roxenborough State Park. It's kind of weird in that people have houses in the park and around the park. They have banned many of the trails of anything but feet. No dogs, bicycles, cars, nothing. And it is such a contrast from the day before. This area reminds me of Garden of the Gods in the Springs.

The house are much newer than this one. After a bit we came upon an area that looked liek the locals had set up little areas to have fires and just hang out. These are some cat carvings that were attached to the rocks.

And lastly, here is Lori checking out a small trail.

And now info on my new job. I started working at the warehouse 2 weeks ago. The first week was doing all functions of the warehouse to have an overall idea of how things worked. I was then offered a position as the Special Order / Ebay sales person. Yep that is right, I now spend my time shopping for winter ski wear, golf stuff on the Internet for clients and selling old product from our stores!! It's a newer position that we are hoping will bring another level of customer service to our clients and allow us to unload old inventory. So far I am crazy busy having a great time with weekends off and great hours of 7-3:30!!

My legs feel much better with my desk job. I decided to get off all the drugs to see how I feel. So I stopped the Ambien, Vicodin and my tasty wine. It's been a month and I feel so much more mentally aware!!! I think there was too much stuff in my system even though I took small quantities. I am taking Aspirin for the pain. So far so good but I have had some mind blowing knee pain that I have had to sit out til it passed.


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Camille said...

Sometimes I wonder, "How do I get her life?", but really, I am perfectly content with mine. I would just like to drop into yours every once in a while! No scenery like that here in Tejas--at least I can't see it from here. You remind me it is time to update my own blog. Stay tuned...