Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jane and Me at play

Jane and I have the same obsession for snowshoeing. I have introduced her to my favorite spot (Guanella Pass) and this was a great day for snow for us.

This is a side trail running below Waldorf Mine Rd. Others had been before us and laid out a wonderful trail.

As we got further along the trail became less travelled and the snow was getting deeper.

We hit the end of the trail and had to decide what to do, either go back or head straight up and try to access the road above us. Up looked more fun and we began a massive up hill assault on the snow. Mostly it was about knee high, but as we climbed closer to the road it became deeper from the wind pushing it off the road.

Per my GPS, we travelled .02 miles in 40 minutes!!! Jane, with
the better legs, climbed on her stomach over the last several
yards to make way for me and the dogs.

I tried to film this, but was laughing so hard at her "swimming" up the hill I screwed it up and have several 1 second clips.

After the berm, I continued up abit while Jane took a much needed rest.

The pictures show the trail we blazed, the berm and CJ the snow dog who spent most of his time on the assault stuck between my
legs. He and Luna (Jane's dog) we suppose to be the trail breakers
but the snow proved to deep for them to go forward in.

We are off to Guanella again next week for more fun and frolicing.

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