Friday, April 11, 2008

NCAA Women's Final Four

Here tis, the WF4!! What a great time we did have. We won the tickets thru a lottery that is held after the finals. Jane put in for 4 in April and was notified in August that she had 4.

Jane graciously shared with her friends and Jan, Renee and myself tagged along for the fun. Guess I should line us up, Jane, Jan (friend not at game), Jan, Renee and meeee.

Our first game was Sunday night, the tickets bought us the semi-finals (Tenn vs LSU and Stanford vs U Conn). The Stanford game was great, Stanford won easily. The Tenn/LSU game was possibly one of the worst games I have ever witnessed!!

Neither team came out to play or so it seems, both defenses were terrible and the shooting was non-existant. I am a HUGE Pat Summit fan but was thinking Stanford would blow them away if Tenn played the same way at the Finals.

In the mean time we did what little there is to do in Tampa, we drank, ate and visited their aquarium. For being on the water it was pretty small, the fishes were cute and there were several interesting birds walking about.

The finals fell on Tuesday night, we started out at a local bar for a few beers before the game.

The town was full of Tenn or Stanford fans so we had some fun at the bar with other people visiting.

Stanford was favored to win, but at tip off Tenn stomped onto the court and proved why they are No. 1.

Stanford never had a chance to catch their breath, Tenn was on them from the first second til the last 30 seconds!! Pat and crew put together an outstanding defense program and left Stanford flat footed and spinning looking for the ball. I felt sorry for Stanford, they were so totally creamed.

Thus ended our adventure, we flew back Wed am in very bumping winds.

For any L Word fans, "Adele" was at a club we visited on Monday night, this is myself and Renee.

Candace Parker, the game, Pat Summit, more beer, the game

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Camille said...

Sounds like too much fun!! Who knows, maybe one year Cathy's team will be in the F4 and we can go together!! WooHoo.