Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Summer Condensed

Camille texted to remind me this is suppose to be updated from time to time. This is my super condensed summer activities.

We will start with the purchase of my scooter. The Seca 600 was older and the weight just a bit too much for my legs, so I purchased a newer and smaller Ninja 500. This maybe smaller but oh my it is so much fun. I ride it to work alot and it really saves on gas. The purple was alittle much at first but now I really like it.

As usual my summer has been spent with as much camping, cycling and scootering as possible. I met up with some new friends and did a much more friendly version of RV camping in established parks. While this was fun, I like the more of the grid stuff. One of the girls, Lori, has an ATV ad we were able to spend some time on it playing.

This was a lake we made our way to after meeting a couple of guys and their kids on the trails. It was a seriously aggressive get to outside of Mt Princeton Hot Springs up Grizzly Gulch. We stayed in the area a week enjoying the local hot spa and ATV trails.

I did some hiking around Squaw Pass, this shows how dogs can find a way to cool of and totally trash my car.

This weekend I was up at Susan's property with CJ and Luna. The trees are changing and it was gorgeous!!! These photos were up around Alma.


I still won't take the time to straighten out where all these pictures should land!!

Okay now for the non-hiking stuff. Work has gone very well for me. I captained the Boulder Whse Sale and we did very well. It was the last event for me as it totally trashed my knees. I decided then it was time to get off the sales floor and back into an office or at least back into the warehousing world I lived in.

I submitted my resume for a couple of positions at SSV, one in Loss Prevention the other at the Distribution Center. Both offered me jobs but due to working shows as security, I chose the warehouse position. I will be leaving the retail world on 21 October and begin my new position in Warranty. My new bosses plan is to get me in there and see where I will best fit with my background being so strong and working it out from there.

I am very excited about this opportunity!!!! I will also return to semi-normalcy by working through out the week and being off on weekends. This will also help my chances of having these broken knees replaced.

My overall health continues to improve, I have been cycling quite a bit but just can't get the recreational rider habits down! I go too hard, trash my knees and have to wait for the pain to diminish enough to start all over again. You'd think I'd learn by now.

So Camille, here it is!